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Glad Trash Bags Glad Trash Bags Glad Trash Bags Glad Trash Bags

Glad Trash Bags

25–68 CT. package

Selected varieties


Save $2.10

SKUs included:

  • Glad Drawstring Tall Kitchen Lavender Odor Shield 0001258778459
  • Glad Force Flex Drawstring Black Bag 0001258770359
  • Glad Quick Tie Black Trash Bag 0001258760035
  • Glad Drawstring Tall Kitchen Gain 13 Gallon Bags 0001258778685
  • Glad Force Flex Plus Drawstring Unscented 13 Gall 0001258779008
  • Glad Drawstring Tall White Kitchen 13 Gallon Bags 0001258778362
  • Glad Force Flex Odor Shield Tall Kitchen Bags 0001258770320
  • Glad Force Flex Drawstring Garbage Bags 0001258779224
  • Glad Odor Shield Drawstring Garbage Bags 0001258778361
  • Glad Quick Tie Tall Kitchen Bags 0001258722435

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