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Nugget Markets’ Signature Hand-crafted Turducken Available for the Holidays

Nugget Markets offers guests whole turduckens and turducken breast rolls made fresh, in-house at Nugget Markets

All Nugget Markets are now offering Nugget’s very own whole turducken and turducken breast rolls, made fresh in the Nugget Markets meat department for the holidays.  A  tradition at Nugget, both the whole turducken and the turducken breast rolls make for a fresh, stress-free, and impressive holiday meal.

While turducken recipes have been around for centuries, Nugget Markets has created a combination of layered flavors that reflect the taste of the holidays.  Each turducken is hand-crafted by Nugget Markets meat department associates. The whole-bird version starts with a semi-boneless turkey, filled with guest’s choice of stuffing, followed by Nugget’s own Fresh to Market chicken with seasoning and more stuffing, completed with fresh Muscovy duck breasts with more seasoning and stuffing.  The bird is then laced from top to bottom and topped with a fresh vegetable seasoning, ready to pop into the oven. The breast roll features similar ingredients.  Nugget Markets meat department associates are always available to offer expert advice on cooking the turducken and to answer any questions. 

“Both our whole turducken and turducken breast rolls are a great value and are made with top-quality poultry and our own fresh seasonings and stuffings, including Nugget’s fresh cranberry stuffing,” says Angel Nolasco, director of meat operations for Nugget Markets, Inc. “They’re really an impressive, low-maintenance treat at a great price for any holiday table.”

Starting Wednesday, November 17, guests can start ordering their holiday turducken, and orders will be completed and ready for pickup in 48 hours.  The Nugget whole bird turducken sells for $6.99/lb., regularly $7.99/lb, and the turducken breast rolls at $6.99/lb., regularly $9.99/lb.  Prices good through November 30, 2010.

To see how Nugget Markets associates create a turducken, along with more holiday entrée ideas, visit  and watch the “Holiday Ideas from our Meat Department” video.


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    Nugget Markets’ Signature Hand-crafted Turducken Available for the Holidays


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