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  1. Press Release

    Nugget Markets Partners with CCS to Help CA Farmers

    “We have been looking for the right organics recycling program, and are happy to support the research being conducted by CSS and UC Davis. We encourage California farmers to join with us in testing this product on their cropland, to help create a truly sustainable program, returning unsold food to the soil to produce the next crop of locally grown fresh produce for Nugget to offer to its customers.”

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    Press Release

    Nugget Markets In-Store Beer Tastings Celebrate Sacramento Beer Week

    “As a major retailer of microbrew and specialty brews here in the Sacramento area, we’re thrilled to bring our guests an exciting schedule of beer tastings with cheese samplings during Sacramento Beer Week,” says Misha Johnson, beer category manager for Nugget Markets.

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    Press Release

    $8,500 Nugget Markets Gift Card Winner Announced

    “Nugget in West Sacramento is my favorite grocery store!” says Noble.  “Everyone is so welcoming every time I visit, and I even know most of the associates on a first-name basis.  I love Nugget Market!”

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