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Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

4 CT. package

Selected varieties

It's easy to say “yes” to Yasso! Made with creamy, dreamy Greek yogurt, it’s perfectly-portioned frozen satisfaction on a stick.


Save $2.50

SKUs included:

  • Yasso Bars Coffee Chocolate Chip 0085103500332
  • Yasso Yogurt Bars Chocolate Chip Dough 0085103500331
  • Yasso Bars Pistachio Brittle 0085103500364
  • Yasso Bars Vanilla Chocolate Crunch 0085000197405
  • Yasso Sea Salt Caramel Greek Yogurt Bars 0085000197406
  • Yasso Bars Fudge Brownie 0085103500363
  • Yasso Bars Sea Salt Caramel 0085103500324
  • Yasso Bars Mint Chip 0085103500323
  • Yasso Bars Peanut Butter Chip 0085103500362
  • Yasso Yogurt Bars Cookies And Cream 0085103500344

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